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How much do I earn?

  from average holidays cost per person to average holidays cost per person loyalty reward per person
band 1 £250 £300 £4
band 2 £301 £350 £6
band 3 £351 £400 £8
band 4 £401 £451 £10
band 5 £451 £500 £12
band 6 £501 £550 £13
band 7 £551 £600 £14
band 8 £601 & Over - £15

Note: Redemption of Olympic Loyalty Rewards up to a maximum of 25% of the value of the total holiday cost.

How long do I have to redeem my Olympic Holidays Loyalty Rewards?
Loyalty awards are activated at the time of travel on the package holiday booking which earned them. You have two years from the departure date of each booking to use the Loyalty award money against a new package holiday booking, irrespective of the departure date of the new booking (redemptions are only allowed for package holidays bookings of over £250 per person e.g. if you decide to take a highly discounted holiday for £159 per person you will not be allowed to use your Loyalty money). Please note that unfortunately Olympic Holidays Loyalty Rewards are not earned and cannot be redeemed on flight only or accommodation only bookings.

Although I made the booking, I travelled with family/friends on the same booking. Do they get any Olympic Holidays Loyalty Rewards?
Yes. Although you were the lead passenger and are therefore shown in our records as the person who made the booking, your family or friends who also travelled with you on the same booking are entitled to share the Olympic Holidays Loyalty Rewards. In our email to you we'll tell you how your travelling companions can redeem their share of the Olympic Holidays Loyalty Rewards. We rely upon you as the person who made the booking to tell your family/friends about their reward entitlement so that they can claim – they won't be able to do so if you use all the earned Olympic Holidays Loyalty Rewards first! Once they claim, they will each be entitled to a proportion which is the total reward for the booking divided by the number of persons who travelled. To demonstrate: if you and 4 friends book a holiday with us to a value of £1,500, the average price of the holidays is 1,500/4=375. Each passenger will earn £8 and the total reward for the booking would be £32 which would initially be credited to your account as the lead passenger and the person actually making the booking. However, each of the 4 travelling companions could claim their share of those Olympic Holidays Loyalty Rewards (providing you haven't used them all first).

Although I didn't make the booking in either case, I've been on holiday more than once with Olympic Holidays. Can I obtain my share of the Olympic Holidays Loyalty Rewards for each holiday I took?
Yes. See the previous question & answer. You can claim your share of the Olympic Holidays Loyalty Rewards for each holiday you participated in (provided the lead passenger hasn't already used them all!). Contact us and we'll tell you how to create your own Olympic Holidays Loyalty Rewards account and claim and "pay in" the share of the Olympic Holidays Loyalty Rewards you are entitled to for each booking you travelled on.

The person I've booked to travel with also has some Olympic Holidays Loyalty Rewards from a previous booking with you. Can they be transferred to my current booking?
Yes, of course, subject to the agreement of the person entitled to the Olympic Holidays Loyalty Rewards. He/she should contact us to arrange this.

My family and I have travelled with Olympic Holidays separately on previous occasions and we each have earned some Olympic Holidays Loyalty Rewards. Can these be "pooled" and used to book a family holiday?
Yes. Provided each 'owner' of Olympic Holidays Loyalty Rewards agrees to transfer his/hers/their awarded amounts to the new booking. Contact us to arrange this.

I need to change my reservation after the original booking – will my Olympic Holidays Loyalty Rewards change with the amendment?
Yes. Our system will automatically revise the Olympic Holidays Loyalty Rewards available according to the amendment to your booking to increase them if you, say, upgrade your hotel to a higher priced one, or reduce them if, say, a member of your party drops out reducing the overall value of the booking.

What happens if I have to cancel my booking before I travel?
Unfortunately in those circumstances you will receive no Olympic Holidays Loyalty Rewards for that booking. Any Olympic Holidays Loyalty Rewards awarded for that booking will be lost even if you have paid cancellation charges.

Do I get Olympic Holidays Loyalty Rewards if I book via a travel agent, and can I redeem them through a travel agent? And can I redeem my Olympic Holidays Loyalty Rewards in cash?
No, Olympic Holidays Loyalty Rewards are only earned if you book directly with Olympic Holidays. Rewards can only be redeemed against another booking made directly with Olympic Holidays not via travel agents. It is a loyalty scheme after all! No conversion to cash is available for Olympic Holidays Loyalty Rewards.

Can the lead passenger use the Olympic Holidays Loyalty Rewards earned by others passengers in a booking against a future holiday with other friends or family not travelled in the booking that earned the loyalty rewards?
Yes. The lead passenger should advise the other passengers that he/she will be using all the Loyalty award money. The responsibility of advising the other passengers lies with the lead passenger and not Olympic Holidays. Olympic Holidays will not check if the other passengers have been advised. Loyalty Reward money is allocated to all passengers in the booking but are assigned to the lead passenger of each booking. The lead passenger can use the Loyalty Reward money at any time and is responsible to advise his co-travellers about their Loyalty Reward money. The co-travellers can call Olympic Holidays at any time to transfer their Loyalty Reward money into their name as long as the lead passenger has not utilised them already.

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